Destinations and Engagement Trends

Destinations and Engagement Trends

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Destinations and Engagement Trends

Over the past eight months, Pacific World have systematically collected data, insights and feedback from our worldwide network of planners and clients.

“We’ve learned about the most requested destinations as well as the types of engagements that are trending”, said Patricia Silvio, Global Marketing Manager of Pacific World.  “In the last year, we have seen a change in the way our clients approach travel.  An incentive is not a nice trip to reward an employee; it is also an opportunity to interact, learn and experience. We’re seeing a new generation of global citizens that are committed to the idea of an open and interconnected world. They are experienced travelers who seek new fulfilling experiences that deliver emotional engagement.”

Destination Trends

  • Of requests for Asia, Thailand (18%), China (15%), Indonesia (14%) and Hong Kong (13%) comprise the most.
  • Of 1.500 events operated over the past 6 months by Pacific World, China, Spain and Thailand have hosted the most events. More than 200 events have been held in China; 195 in Spain and 180 in Thailand.
  • Demand for European destinations have increased 44% over the last year, with Spain leading the requests. Over the past 8 months, requests for Spain alone were 16% of all requests.
  • Barcelona and Madrid are the top two destinations in Spain, followed by growing interest in Malaga and Tenerife.
  • London, Paris, Rome, Monaco and Germany remain very popular for meetings and events.
  • Peru is emerging as a sought-after destination: 7% of requests from around the globe are for Peru.
  • Large Events – Monaco and Germany have hosted the largest groups in the last 6 months.

Engagement Trends

Go Local – “Experiences that tie guests to the destination are growing in popularity”, confirm Tania Pasi, Global Product Development Manager for Pacific World.  “This trend is also popular with locals – they enjoy becoming the hosts and helping to design the activities. A great example is found in the middle of a forest south of Seoul.  Guests are invited to cook a meal in an ancient Buddhist Temple and learn about what food sharing means for Asian communities and cultures.  In remote Myanmar, a guided sailboat ride along tranquil waters with local fisherman reveals spectacular cooperative fishing between dolphins and fisherman – a practice that goes back centuries”.

Culture Vulture – Immersive, behind-the-scenes experiences with local experts.  Open the doors of a real Atelier nestled in the narrow and silent canals of Venice, Italy, to handcraft authentic mask during the iconic Venice Carnival, with modern interpretation on a treasured tradition.  Or sit with local artisans in Hoi An, Vietnam for stories about their art traditions and culture.

Positive Impact – “Always popular, we are seeing an increase in the demand especially among US clients, and a change in the experiences themselves to make them truly supportive and meaningful addressing problems of the local communities. Global citizens want to actively participate in the communities they visit – from sustainable experiences to preserving cultural heritage to immersing into villages to collaborate in their sustainable development.  In Barcelona, guests are invited to a special cooking class led – not by professional chefs – but by immigrants who have found a way to share their culture and start a new life.  Or connect through music in Istanbul, Turkey, where bespoke programs bring guests together with displaced children who are hoping to build a future through their music talents.

Off the Beaten Track – Travelers want to discover remote places, or experience known destinations in a new way, from a different point of view. In Scotland, discover new Whisky Routes while traveling the scenic countryside.  Or, gain access to a secluded Shaolin Temple near Luoyang, China.

Pacific World will be continue analysing data and collecting the industry players feedback during the next month.

Stay tuned! Soon we will issue our annual Trends Report.


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