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Thailand is a kaleidoscope of ancient monuments, beautiful beaches, welcoming people and culinary ideas. The options for corporate travellers are as varied and rich as the big smiles that welcome you on your arrival. Thailand is world-famous for the hospitality of its people and for the variety and beauty of its landscapes, but it is also a country with a modern outlook combined with a deep respect for its traditions. Thailand brings you an exotic blend of culture, amazing activities and cuisine. Thailand also boasts some of the finest, sugar white sand beaches and the most stunningly clear, emerald green waters anywhere the world. Stroll through the floating markets, marvel at the Buddhist temples or kick-back and take a break at one of the country’s numerous luxury resorts.

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A meeting, incentive programme, conference or event in Thailand can provide unique opportunities to discover an enchanting country. Thailand has a high quality and modern infrastructure, with top of the range hotels, but still maintains the charm and culture that has defined it as one of the most distinctive destinations in Asia. Added to that, its warm, tropical climate, famous cuisine and fantastic activities—from elephant rides to CSR based cultural programmes—provides a combination that has made Thailand one of the world’s premiere corporate destinations.

Land of Smiles. Thailand has a well-earned reputation for its gracious hospitality. Everyone who visits Thailand is instantly uplifted by the impeccable service, and motivated by the beauty, warmth and friendliness of its people.

Unique event programmes. Accommodation, experiences and services offer genuine value for money. Thailand is recognized globally for its exquisite accommodation, experiences and services, all at highly competitive prices.

Incredible city and resort combinations. With some of the finest beaches in the world, Thailand is the ultimate twin-centre destination, combining the energy of Bangkok with the fascinating hill tribe culture and natural beauty of the north, or the sensational world-class beach resorts of Southern Thailand, each just an hour’s flight away.

Sensational Thai cuisine and a wealth of unique dining experiences. Thai cuisine is famous around the world, and with good reason. Enjoy a sumptuous royal banquet with cultural performances, a dinner-cruise aboard a rice barge, a seafood barbecue on the beach, or views, cocktails & canapés from the roof of a skyscraper.

Interactive and inspirational social programmes. Thailand’s traditional lifestyle activities offer wonderful fun-filled experiential activities for Team Building, motivation or for a fabulous reward.