Destination Index: Italy, UAE & Thailand top of the list

Destination Index: Italy, UAE & Thailand top of the list

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Patricia Silvio
Global Marketing Manager, Pacific World

Destination Index: Italy, UAE & Thailand top of the list

At Pacific World we have been recently working to identify the Top Destinations for Meetings & Incentives of the last 12 month. The list this year is not surprising: Italy and France are the most popular in Europe, UAE top destination in Middle East. In Asia Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore leads the list.

The Pacific World global Destination Index report identifies each year the countries and cities most thriving within the meetings, incentives and conferences industries. This year and I should say that also in previous years, among the themes that led to an increase in popularity we find: improvements in transportation/flights, an increase in venues and hotels, investment in technology, attractive exchange rates.

In Asia, Bangkok and Bali were the most popular cities, and meetings and incentives being the most requested event types in Singapore. Again, governmental stability, attractive exchange rates and improved flight connections were factors contributing to the increased attention from source markets including North America, Australia and other Asian regions.

If we observe developments in Asian destinations, we find that in particular the Indonesian government’s choice to no longer require US citizens to register for visas, an increase in flights into Bali/Indonesia, US hotel chains settling into the region and the USD going strong against the IDR, has increased Indonesia’s popularity in the North American source market too.

In Europe, improved transport links and investment in infrastructure resulting in the opening of a number of new hotels and venues were factors accountable for the fact that Milan and Paris have both in the list of the most popular European cities for Meetings and Incentives, with increased interest from source markets such as the Middle East, USA, UK, Germany, and Brazil.
EXPO Milan and all the promotional campaigns around the event, gave visibility to the city also attracting the interest of meetings and events planners.

The UAE, and specifically Abu Dhabi, was recognised as the most popular destination for incentives and conferences in the Middle East, with the UK, Saudi Arabia and India identified as the key source markets placing inbound business into the destination. Accessible flight routes, new hotels, and an investment of time and resources in the latest technology and set-ups to facilitate large-scale events have pushed the UAE to the top of the list.

So, it’s quite simple right: 1. New developments normally include marketing and promotional activities that ends generating excitement in an industry always looking  for what’s new and trendy. 2. Accesibility is key: no natter how unique is the destination, if there are no direct flights or train connections available will be difficult to convonce a meeting or event planner to bring their group there.


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