China | Chengdu: A Journey of Introspection

China | Chengdu: A Journey of Introspection

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
China | Chengdu: A Journey of Introspection


Inspired, Uniqueness, Peacefulness

Balance, Tradition, Culture.

The Experience

Destination: Chengdu

Venture off the beaten track and experience rural life in the beautiful city of Chengdu. ​ Known for the world famous Panda, the city also offers the chance to immerse in the Chinese culture, traditions and nature…​

Bargain tactics: Learn bargaining practices directly from the local masters of bargaining.  Practise your haggling skills at a traditional market​.​

Engaging with the communities: Time to get active and hike to the remote village of Chen Jia Xiang. Meet the villagers, experience and immerse in their local rural life.  ​

Admire Huanglongxi’s Ming and Qing-era architecture and beautiful temples, then recharge yourselves at a traditional tea house before heading back to Chengdu.​

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