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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Chic, Fabulous & London Emotions: Exhilarating, Triumphant, Creative Values: Passion, Feelgood, Skillful The Experience Destination: London Create your own hat and become a world known fashionista! Royal Appointment: Royal Ascot is Britain’s most exciting horse racing event. Anticipated and revered, these five days are made for socialising. Long seen as a spectacle of fashion and style, they are referenced the world over. Each year the meeting is broadcast to audiences around the globe, yet to experience it in person is something altogether more special. Be...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Be a cartoonist for one Paris Emotions: Artistic, Creative, Rewarding Values: Teambuilding, Reliability, Solidarity The Experience Destination: Paris Who can speak best of comics than a Belgian cartoonist? Would you like to create your own comic? Comic exhibition at  the Grand Palais! Often referred to as "the father of the European comic strip", Hergé was one of the first French-speaking authors to use American-style comic strips with speech bubbles. Take your guests to look back on his creative approach, fed by the cinema, painting, photography and adventure novels and his passion for drawing....

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