FRESH Idea: Be a cartoonist…in Paris!

FRESH Idea: Be a cartoonist…in Paris!

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
Be a cartoonist for one day…in Paris

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Artistic, Creative, Rewarding

Teambuilding, Reliability, Solidarity

The Experience

Destination: Paris

Who can speak best of comics than a Belgian cartoonist?
Would you like to create your own comic?

Comic exhibition at  the Grand Palais! Often referred to as “the father of the European comic strip”, Hergé was one of the first French-speaking authors to use American-style comic strips with speech bubbles. Take your guests to look back on his creative approach, fed by the cinema, painting, photography and adventure novels and his passion for drawing. It shows how the universally recognised drawings of Hergé fit in with both his era and the history of art. Experience Hergé’s masterpieces including his most famous character: Tintin.

Hosted by a Belgian cartoonist A selection of inspiring and famous cartoonists (Vadot, Dubus, Marec, Bertrand, Geluk…) will share their point of view on the challenges that a XXIth century artist has to go through to talk about the international news, censorship, their own censure and the fight for the freedom of speech.

Time for action! Create your own comic! A workshop where the cartoon artists will show you how to draw your own personal, professional or even the company history in comic version. Choose a theme for the group and use your creative and art skills! Compile and print all the comics to surprise your guests with a creative souvenir! Or why not use them as a conference “energiser”. Show the comics before starting a meeting and inviting the other team members to guess who’s the author!

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