BALI: Three ways to keep a balance in life

BALI: Three ways to keep a balance in life

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
BALI: Three ways to keep a balance in life


Devotion, Worship, Confidence.

Openness, Spirituality, Holiness.

The Experience

Destination: Bali

Reconnect with your inner-self by worshipping nature, people and God in the mystic Bali

Take your guests through a journey of discovery where they will connect with the mystic island of Bali from different perspectives. A unique experience where your guest will be engaged by taking active part in different activities where they will learn and contribute to the sustainable development of the communities.

  • Connect with the NATURE by walking through the rice terraces, learning about the subak irrigation (Balinese water management system for paddy fields on Bali island). Acquire knowledge about the local flora and the effect of plastic pollution on the Balinese nature.
  • Connect with the PEOPLE: get involved in the community by learning and cooking local recipes passed down from one family to another. Share a tasty meal with your Balinese host community. End the experience with consulting the village fortune teller.
  • Connect with GOD by learning how to prepare an offering for a ceremony and receive a blessing from a Balinese priest with holy spring water, before entering to a family temple. 

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