An evening of extravagance…Pacific World signature event

An evening of extravagance…Pacific World signature event

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Patricia Silvio
Global Marketing Manager, Pacific World

An evening of extravagance: Pacific World signature event

I really love doing my job. Delivering events with the wow factor is what I like the most. Pacific World’s clients event hosted during ibtm world, ‘An Evening of Extravagance in Barcelona’, was not an exception.

This is our signature event and we really enjoy challenging ourselves every year to find new ways to surprise our guests: meetings and events planners from all over the world.

In this edition the event saw over 120 attendees visit the One Ocean Club, one of the newest and trendiest venues in Barcelona.

The event, which was organized in collaboration with Chic Outlet Shopping (luxury shopping experiences and venues around the world), DriveMe Barcelona (Supercars experiences in Barcelona) and One Ocean Club invited guests to sample fine gastronomy with a creative twist such as fresh oysters served with different exotic sauces (guests loved the combination of Oyster and Ponsu Sauce) and caviar paired with a vodka shot.

There was also an extensive programme of creative entertainment provided: Bellinis and Kir Royale were served in a PianoBar, half piano, half bar. But without doubt, the highlight of the night was the Ferrari tours through the Barcelona coast that the luckiest guests had the chance to experience. Some of them even had a opportunity to drive the cars!

Interested in take part on the next edition of Pacific World signature event in Barcelona? Stay tunned!


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