Aerial Feng Shui…in Hong Kong

Aerial Feng Shui…in Hong Kong

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
Aerial Feng Shui…in Hong Kong

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The Experience

Destination: Hong Kong

Hong Kong from the sky:
Aerial Feng Shui anyone?

Feng Shui everywhere…An ancient Chinese system of summoning good luck, feng shui – literally wind and water, is part of the fabric of Hong Kong life. Shopping malls, office towers and homes draw on its principles in their design in an attempt to create prosperity.

An unique Heli-experience: Understand how Feng Shui is practiced in Hong Kong through this aerial visit of Hong Kong, an exclusive and tailor-made experience, conducted by one of the most relevant young Feng Shui Astrologist of the city: Mr. Tin Ho, Lo.

Fly over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. See how the busy Causeway Bay benefits from a “feng shui meridian” to attract hordes of free-spending shoppers that make the place a goldmine for retailers and landlords, or discover how bad Feng Shui practices have negatively affected specific buildings and city areas.

Your own Feng-Shui audit: Sip a glass of champagne at the exclusive China Clipper at the Peninsula Hotel, while enjoying a private Feng Shui audit. Discover how to improve your life receiving the guidance of Mr. Tin Ho, Lo and integrating Feng Shui in your home and your office.


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