“Abu Dhabi is a highly suitable reward for incentive winners and provides excellent brand alignment for luxury goods companies”.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and proudly retains its own distinct Arabian heritage whilst carving out a unique niche for an exciting future as a strong conference and incentive destination. 

Event programs immerse award winners in Abu Dhabi’s Islamic heritage – mosques, falconry, henna painting, belly dancing, dining under the desert stars amidst the tallest sand dunes on earth, or on a dhow off a beautiful Arabian beach. In contrast, Abu Dhabi’s taste for biggest, fastest and best compliments any event program with fast paced adventure at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the world’s largest indoor theme park at Ferrari World.

In a surprising and impressive move, Abu Dhabi will soon become the art capital of the Middle East, opening the largest Guggenheim in the world and The Louvre Abu Dhabi, offering even more opportunities for special events.

Like its neighbours, Abu Dhabi is filled with luxury products, ambitious development plans and rapidly increasing global air access to rival Dubai, making it another exceptional Middle Eastern MICE destination and absolutely one to explore.

“The unprecedented expansion in the last five years by the Abu Dhabi government of Etihad Airways, has done great things to put Abu Dhabi on the map as a strong player for MICE events. The airline reflects the service levels, quality and efficiency of its home port and has gone a long way to open up the world’s eyes to Abu Dhabi as an intriguing destination.

With the infrastructure, access and the same bold ambition as its neighbour, Abu Dhabi sits comfortably between Dubai and Oman in terms of development. Oman is more “old-world” Middle East and Dubai is futuristic in comparison.

Abu Dhabi chooses development projects wisely. It’s ambitious and unprecedented move to be the ‘Art Capital of the Middle East’ sees Western art institutions brought in to the heart of Asia, introducing  The Louvre Abu Dhabi and the largest Guggenheim in the world, alongside the new Zayed National Museum and Performing Arts Centre. Such significant global attractions will introduce a new breed of cultural activities and inspiring special event venues that will set Abu Dhabi apart for MICE events in the region.

Home to the Middle Eastern Grand Prix, sporting and automotive events are drawn to Abu Dhabi.
Organise a conference in the media room at the F1 Grand Prix circuit, with lunch in one of the team villas. An afternoon of drag racing around the circuit is an exhilarating follow up, combined with fun at Ferrari World on the world’s fastest roller coaster. A special dinner at the Grand Prix circuit is an incredible reward for top dealer incentives and the beach at the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel is a beautiful venue for a stunning gala dinner.

Home to 87% of the Middle East’s oil production, Abu Dhabi is one of the wealthiest destinations on earth, with product to match. It is a highly suitable reward for incentive winners and provides excellent brand alignment for luxury goods companies”.

Abu Dhabi is appealing to:


Middle East fans seeking a fresh conference destination

Clients attracted to the Middle East that seek a more authentic experience than Dubai, or a fresh destination having conferenced previously in other Middle East destinations. Abu Dhabi offers great contrasts to its neighbouring destinations, and all the benefits.

Conferences with multinational attendance

Etihad and other airlines cover an extensive direct global flight network that gives access to a plethora of state of the art facilities and luxury hotels to impress and attract delegates, ensuring high conference attendance.


Incentives seeking a Middle Eastern cultural experience

Explore the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque; experience Arabia at the enticing Oasis city of Al Ain; marvel at some of the tallest sand dunes on earth in the peaceful Liwa desert – the options are as diverse as the terrain.

Incentives inspired by a global cultural experience in the Middle East

The opening of The Louvre and The Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi bring European art to Asia on a grand scale for the first time, offering a mix of Middle Eastern and global art experiences and fabulous event venues.


Events that like to follow the Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi boasts the Middle East’s only circuit. The event is held in November each year offering fantastic opportunities for automotive or sporting groups, as well as a fabulous year round venue for dinners, meetings and racing activities.

Clients seeking to be the first to host an event in a special new venue

With all the new cultural venues opening up in Abu Dhabi, there is real potential for events to be “first in” which gives great opportunities for publicity and high prestige for an event.

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