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Pacific World is highlighting the success of 2017 and revealing the top trends and destinations for 2018. The destination and event management company delivered exceptional results in 2017 and is sharing data, expert insight and industry trends for the upcoming year.  “In 2017, Pacific World continued to focus on creativity and innovation,” said Patricia Silvio, Global Marketing Manager of Pacific World. “We are looking forward to raising the bar even higher in 2018, as we find new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver experiences...

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The coolest Venue pick: UK | Utterly unique escape room London.  What is it? The Crystal Maze is utterly unique as the most sophisticated escape room imaginable – in an actual live TV set! The 90s British cult TV show has been recreated in Central London and presents the ultimate team building challenge and venue for a fun night out on a live TV set. Why we love it? Everyone knows about escape rooms but this is the ultimate! Probably the first of...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World SOUTH AFRICA | 'Zero Waste' Meetings Emotions: Responsibility. Carefull. Awareness. Values: Exclusive. Healthy. Beneficial. The Experience Destination: Cape Town | South Africa Cape Town leads the way following Responsible Tourism Practice at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The Experience: Experience an International Congress Luncheon based on a Zero Waste Policy. All surplus meals from the Plated Menu will be are donated to the CTICC Staff Canteen. The fully recyclable Table Centre Pieces comprise of vegetables, fruits and herbs which will be donated to Night...

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