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The coolest Venue pick: China Ancestral Temple What is it? Located within the Forbidden City complex, this unique venue gives surprises of a ‘space within a space’ concept that’s unveil from the reception to the main event square and an indoor area right within the temple. Why we love it? Filled with historical value from it’s imperial past, this unique venue bears a strong Chinese traditional culture and sings many royal affair that’s attended by emperors, empresses and high level dignitaries from the...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World SPAIN | Barcelona Underground Emotions: Risk. Liberation. Creativity Values: Artistry. Team-work. Open-mindedness. The Experience Destination: Barcelona | Spain The Experience: Borne & Gothic Underground Side- Take a stroll in an open-air art gallery in Barcelona City Centre. A historically rich neighborhood that showcases the classic and earlier examples of street art found all over the walls of the city. Discover galleries, boutiques, and a few local bars with strong ties to the local street art scene. Graffiti Workshop: Lead by an active...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World MALAYSIA | A Toast At The Pinnacle Emotions: Exciting. Unique. Refreshing. Values: Liberty. Greatness. Pleasantness. The Experience Destination: Langkawi | Malaysia The Experience: New ideas of a champagne / pre-dinner drinks at the top peak of Mount Matchincang. The 2nd Mountain in Langkawi Island. Mounth Matchincang is where the Langkawi Cable Car Station was build. Visitors will have the chance to explore and reach the top of MatChincang with the cable car gondola’s available every days. Enjoy the stunning sunset view of The Andaman...

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