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Are you craving for a new experience? Trains are the heart of Indian’s transportation when traversing far distances through beautiful plains to exotic destinations of the country. The exquisite luxury trains in India offers a culturally rich experience for your guests to rendezvous with the country in a creative way. Expect a 5-star hospitality service with regal interiors and modern amenities, fully equipped to cater to small or medium groups. Guests can relax in their private cabins as they...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World SPAIN | Picknicking... in Madrid Emotions: Friendlyness. Joy. Distension Values: Open-Minded. People. Vitality The Experience Destination: Madrid | Spain A Wedding Banquet without tables and chair. The Experience: If there is a Picnic World Cup, Madrid would win every time! Apply the same rules as Madrileños, throw a picnic like you’re throwing a wedding banquet. With a dash of Castilian touch, a flare for trying new things and an enthusiasm to know the city’s gastronomy, you must learn to “disfrutar”-enjoy, in Spain’s...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World INDONESIA | Bali: Balinese lifestyle Emotions: Curiosity. Serenity. Pleasure. Values: Sustainability. Sharing. Traditions. The Experience Destination: Bali | Indonesia Have you ever wondered how it feels to live in a small village, away from the urban life, off the beaten track? The Experience: Discover and immerse in the Balinese way of living and become part of Bongkase, a small Balinese village. Start the day right by having breakfast with the villagers. Take on a new identity by experiencing and taking part in...

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